Villa Bellezza Dubrovnik

Villa Bellezza Dubrovnik is a luxury villa located on the site of the 16-century Renaissance summer residence of the Jordan-Sorkočević family. Villa Bellezza is unique in the grandeur of its 2000-square-meter Renaissance garden. Surrounded by high stone walls, the garden features a majestic central walking promenade with original stone columns, each topped by a unique capital, carved with a variety of floral motifs from the garden. These graceful columns today bear witness to the importance of Dubrovnik landscape architecture of the Renaissance period.

The garden features indigenous Mediterranean plants, with a lush canopy of cypress and pine trees more than 100 years old. Other garden flora include bay laurel trees, oleander, myrtle, rosemary, lavender, Canary palms, figs, lemons wild oranges and grapefruit. The spirit of true Renaissance beauty –Bellezza—inspired this villa’s name.

At the very entrance to the garden is a barely visible carved inscription in Latin, which dates from the 16th century: “Be gone from me, jealousy, quarrels, arrogance and worry”. (ESTE PROCUL LIVOR, LITES, AMBITIO CURARE). We can conclude that the owner of this villa truly enjoyed his paradise.